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What is the ACNL?

The AIDS Committee grew out of a volunteer-driven “kitchen group” who recognized the need to tackle issues inherent to those living with AIDS/AIDS. The organization was incorporated in 1988 and is funded by Federal Government. The ACNL is a community-based non-profit health organization

The ACNL integrates the components of prevention into all aspects of programs. It places emphasis on outreach to the community, providing resources and developing supportive environment for a healthier, and safer province.

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The ACNL Vision Statement

The ACNL is a consumer-focused, non-profit organization that provides supportive programs and services aimed at preventing AIDS/AIDS and supporting persons living with and affected by AIDS/AIDS. We work on a collaborative basis with our partners, interested groups and stakeholders to achieve our goals. We demonstrate accountability by ensuring a competent, effective and transparent organization.

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The ACNL Philosophy

The ACNL believes in and encourages social and political advocacy to ensure individual and collective right to non-judgmental education and support, this encouraging responsible decision-making and personal empowerment.

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The ACNL Mission Statement

Through the development and implementation of diverse programs and services we aim to:
  •  Prevent the spread of new infection through education  
  •  Provide support to those individuals already infected/affected  
  •  Network with other groups working in AIDS related areas on regional, provincial, national, and international level  
  •  Advocate for social and political change.

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Learning More …

Reference Library:
  •  Videos  
  •  Books  
  •  Pamphlets.
High-speed internet access

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  •  Education  
  •  Practical Financial Assistance
    Guidelines for financial assistance are available at the ACNL office  
  •  Toll Free Provincial Phone Line  
  •  Advocacy  
  •  Rural Outreach Newspaper  
  •   Treatment Information
    The ACNL also provides services through the treatment computers located in St. John’s and CBN, which provide access to the most up to date treatment news.  
  •   Newfoundland and Labrador PWA Network  
  •   Spirituality & AIDS Committee  
  •   Support Services  
  •   Needle Exchange Program  
  •   Condom Distribution  
  •   Referrals.

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Special Events

  •  AIDS Awareness Week - November  
  •  AIDS Walk - September  
  •  CandleLight Memorial - May  
  •  Fundraising  
  •  PLW HIV/AIDS Summer Retreat - contingent on funding  
  •  Tommy Sexton Project - December  
  •  World AIDS Day – Flower Campaign - December 1st

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Provincial Resources

  •  Conception Bay North AIDS Interest Group
  •  AIDS Committee of Western Newfoundland
    ACWN-Web Site or  
  •  Labrador Interest Group  
  •  Gander Interest Group
For more information on provincial resources contact ACNL at 1-800-563-1575.

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Executive Director
Mr. Bill Downer
Program Coordinator
Ms. Annette Dimmer
Office Manager
Ms. Jean Anne Gollop
Fundraising and Special Projects
Mr. Mark Tizzard

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Contact ACNL

Phone: (709) 579-8656
Toll Free: 1-800-563-1575 Fax: (709) 579-0559
Street Address: 198 Water Street, 3rd
St. John’s, NF A1C 1A9

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 626, Station C
St. John’s, NF A1C 5K8

Web Site:

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