Who Gets HIV/AIDS - and How?

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SOURCE:   National AIDS Awareness Campaign Resource Guide

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Statement #1 FALSE:
It is unsafe sexual activities with an infected person, not types of people, that pass on HIV. People get HIV if blood, semen or vaginal fluids of an infected person enters their bloodstream.

Statement #2 TRUE:
Women can pass the virus to their babies during pregnancy, birth or through breast milk.

Statement #3 FALSE:
Anyone, male or female, can become infected with HIV if they have unsafe sex.

Statement #4 TRUE:
People living with HIV may look and feel healthy, especially in the early stages of the infection.

Statement #5 FALSE:
Anyone can get HIV if they share unsterilized needles with an HIV-infected person.

Statement #6 TRUE:
HIV cannot be passed through the kind of casual contact that children have with each other in school.

Statement #7 FALSE:
You cannot tell if a needle has HIV on it because it may look clean. Washing a needle with soap and water does not remove the virus. If you do inject, use your own needle and never share. If you must share a needle, always clean the needle and syringe with bleach and water. Instructions and diagrams on cleaning needles can be obtained from the following places:

Statement #8 FALSE:
Many people who have HIV do not know they have it. They may feel a little sick, but do not know that HIV is the cause. Only the HIV blood test can show for sure.

Statement #9 FALSE:
Birth control pills can prevent pregnancy, but not HIV or AIDS. Condom use by a male partner is still necessary, even if a woman is on the pill.

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